This Girl

This girl,



She’s been a part of our family since she first showed up as a youth group leader for Abbie when Abbie was in 6th grade.

Sheila and Abbie have been big sister/little sister ever since. She is our stand-in first daughter, and we became her Bellingham Mom and Papa. She comes back to town and sleeps at our house or Abbie’s, calls and chats, lets me know when there might be a case sale on wine on the other side of the mountain…

And then, one day we got a call from Sheila asking if she could bring someone to meet us. Someone she wanted to meet at the front of a church, with friends and family and Have Rick ask, “Do you?” and she wanted to say “I do!”

Yesterday was that day.

Our ‘other’ girl pledged her love to a man who has pledged his oath to honor and protect.

He adores her.

And he will protect her.

She will bring him joy.

And keep him on his toes…

All of his days.

Congratulations and best wishes, Mick and She She. Your Bellingham Parents love you both.


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