One Week

Josh and Abby and Evie live with us, but some nights if we have errands or social activities after work, Evie is already in bed when I get home, so this week I didn’t see her at all.

Do you know how much a person can change in one week when she is only 10 months old!?

I had her in my arms for a few seconds yesterday afternoon when she so sweetly and gently leaned her little lips into mine. Abby and Josh said she wanted a kiss. Sure enough, over and over she did this sweet little ‘leaning in’ to my face over and over on command.

Tonight, once Evie warmed up to my Dad and my uncle (why they were both here is another blog post) she sweetly offered them her kisses too.

Goodness. This baby steals my heart!!
Warming up to Great Grandpa

Kisses for Great Grandpa

Getting to know her Great Uncle DAve (actually, truth be told, Great-Great Uncle Dave)


And…the kiss.
Be still my heart.


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