A List

1. Since joining Bellingham Athletic Club in July, I have lost 10 pounds, have gained strength, and increased stamina. My goal and target right now is May, Abbie’s wedding, and by then I think I’ll be back in condition to start half-marathoning. I’ll need a new goal after the wedding to keep moving forward.

2. I finished Mick and Sheila’s wedding photos today and found some fun ones of Rick and Abbie at the reception I’ll be sharing later today. Or, I might share them on…

3. Blogger. Again, I’m thinking about moving my blog back to blogspot. I’m getting reacquainted with their platform and then I’ll decide. I’ll keep you posted. So to speak.

4. last night I received this text from my uncle Jack:
Jack: are you ready to concede defeat already? Oregon is going to win!
Me: Ummm…I think you mistake me for a football fan.
He then kept up a one-sided text message conversation until 10:24 when he said, “OH NO!” and I assumed the game had ended that that someone had let the dawgs out.

But, I’m not a fan, so I wouldn’t really know.


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