What They Don’t Tell You

Since getting the news last winter that Caleb and Hannah were expecting a baby Rick and I have been told many things about being grandparents.  All of it is true.

There are things, however that no one mentioned.

No one told me my daughter-in-law was even stronger than I thought.  And that seeing her in so much pain would undo me the way it did.


No one told me that my son could look so tired and so strong at the same time, and that seeing that resolve would break my heart.


No one told me that once going through this experience I would come down with this strange virus which causes a chronic  lump in my throat.  No matter what I do it won’t go away, although Rick feels sure that if I would just lay down and sleep it might ease up some.

We were told that our granddaughter would forever change us, but no one told us in what way.   We now know.  We are ruined.




And no one told me that seeing this would make me fall in love all over again.



13 thoughts on “What They Don’t Tell You

  1. Linda – oh, she is a beauty. And just FYI, that last one of Rick and Caleb just about undid me too! Congrats a million times over – you guys are going to be great grandparents! Tell Caleb and Hannah congrats as well. (I guess they did the hard work, after all!)

  2. well it is going on 7 plus years and I still have that lump in my throat…when we came home from Peru and Jackson saw Bill he ran and jumped up into his arms and let Bill carry him around like a little guy…instead of the big boy he tries so hard to be…yep the lump was still there. Oh and by the way Nora is beautiful!! keep the pictures coming on a reg basis

  3. And No one told you that she will run the show for the rest of our lives….we’re all wrapped around her itty bitty fingers…. we’re all just a bunch of suckers.

    “i know everyone thinks their own baby is cute, but common, shes perfect, just perfect! thats my beautiful baby girl”- Caleb Atkins

    its true, its not an opinion. its fact.
    mom, we have the best family, and the best in-laws. Nora will NEVER have a dull moment.

  4. Linda, what sweet pictures and sentiments. I had a lump in my throat just seeing/reading them! I hope you’ll give Hannah & Caleb my love and congratulations. Nora is gorgeous! Have fun being grandma and grandpa to such a precious little one. ❤

  5. Nora Grace Atkins is a beautiful, beautiful little girl. She’s lucky to have the family that she does.

    Children are so transformative; we take it for granted until another one comes along to change everyone in their lives. Congratulations.

  6. Linda and Rick,
    Congratulations, that slammed feeling will never go away. Really, it is so true. Nora is twice your baby. Thank God she has such amazing parents, you can trust them to do her wonderfully and you can rest in knowing your most precious darling is loved and cared for and you get to be the icing on her cake.
    Love you guys.

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