My New Space

I remember when I left Blogspot and came over to WordPress. I was so excited for the cleaner look, the streamlined feel of WP.

I had been blogging on Blogspot for just over 2 years and the new space felt exciting and fun. I had no emotional attachment to Blogspot.

This time, now that I’m moving back to blogspot, I feel so much more invested in my blog, and it’s harder, sadder to be moving away again. It was on blogspot that we went through our House-Building, Caleb and Hannah getting engaged, and then Caleb and Hannah getting married.

7 Months later, right after our second trip to Hawaii, I made the switch to WordPress. (Also, looking back at those blog posts, I did a dismal job of posting our Hawaii trip with Rick’s family. Lucky I still have about 1000 pictures to share…)

Making the change back to Blogspot has been harder for me. I have a lot of history on WordPress.

Abbie finished beauty school,

We learned that Nora was on her way,

Mom hadOpen heart surgery,

We entered a new phase in life when Nora was born,

A year later THIS GIRL came along, another girl we could count as ‘daughter’,

We celebrated life and love and happiness when Josh and Abby married,

We sat back in awe when Evelyn arrived,

and CHEERED when THESE TWO finally agreed it was time to make it official!

The next big events In the This Life of Ours, Josh and Abby’s next baby, Abbie’s bridal showers, and Joey and Abbie’s wedding, and all the other noteworthy times, and even the not so noteworthy, will be well photographed and well documented over at my new blog space, So, Anyway, As I was saying….

Please come find me there and don’t miss out on any of the fun!


2 thoughts on “My New Space

  1. oh one more comment on why I like WP better then I PROMISE to let it go…you don’t have a “like” button on blogspot. When my life is in turmoil and super bust and I don’t have time to comment it is nice to push the like button to let you know I checked in and read your blog. Ok there I have said it all and promise to be super supportive and open minded from here on out 😉

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